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is Changing

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Level up your life

Hack your motivation by visualising improvement during your workout. Not just at the end.


Just keep winning

Race your friends. Overtake your average time. Beat your personal best.


Professional precision

The games in the video above require some seriously clever tracking, and a near-instant auto pause for safety.

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Left quote

The killer app for Google Glass?

- TechCrunch

We reward hard work with exciting content
to help you push yourself to new levels

Wasn't it more fun when we made it a game?

Imagine what this could do for your exercise

Put simply:

More fitness -> More awesome

Run Faster, Be Stronger

Fight crime. Miss fewer trains.

Live Longer


Mental Energy

Productivity. Confidence.


Big claim but one of the most well-documented medical correlations.

Physically Attractive

No explanation required.

And now ...

Motivation. Buckets of it.

Left quote

This is going to be the best thing to happen to exercise since headphones

- Snr. Vp @Rovio

Frequently asked questions

Is Glass comfortable to exercise in?

Surprisingly so. Far more so than regular glasses. They don't bounce at all.

How much will Race Yourself cost?

We want to see you find the you you didn’t know existed. Everything is free - if you earn it ;).

How can I get this awesome application?

Pre-order and support the cause! We'll be releasing with Glass in 2014.

Is your video a massive exageration?

No and Yes. Those are our actual in-game models at the same quality... but Glass isn't HD. Yet. We're also changing the HUD.

Will you be available on other platforms?

Yes. Other Glassware first then smart watches and mobile with a tweaked experience

Will Glassware be a flop?

Did you watch our video?

I'm ruuuunning in the rain..

For now, water kills Glass. Just FYI.

Sky diving? Really?

Nowhere has better GPS signal. Wing suit practice needs rings! Goggles are a problem...

Won't it drain the battery?

We've optimised for battery and CPU. Expect 1.5-3h life. There are always battery extensions for the Tour de France types.

Will I be able to view my track logs?

Naturally - although you probably will want to check them out on the mobile app / web.

Can I track my heart rate?

Yes! It's a great way to train. We have a whole suit of Heart Rate games and sensors to buy.

Are the zombies real?

Yes. Get moving.

500,000 Race Points for clicking the w in the Finding Nemo reference.